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ISODAMP™- Your Next Damping Solution

Posted by Lynn Zeheralis

Jul 18, 2018 11:19:45 AM

Similar to other foams, rubbers, and silicons, ISODAMP™ materials provide damping solutions for products that produce or are exposed to vibration or shock. Unlike generic materials though, ISODAMP offers some unique features and benefits because it is specially engineered for damping purposes. Whatever the source of negative energy, the impact or constant strain can be an annoyance to customers, a safety hazard, or even detrimental to your product’s useful life.

How Does ISODAMP Measure Up?

According to 3M's Aearo, “E-A-R ISODAMP thermoplastic materials are highly damped vinyl materials that exhibit extremely low amplifications at resonance and quick return to system equilibrium after shock input”.

While there are many viable material options for protecting sensitive components from shock and vibration, ISODAMP, specifically the C-8012 series, provides excellent damping solutions to a variety of industries such as mobile electronics, medical electronics, automotive and aerospace electronics (where the continuous operating temperatures are between -20°C and 40°C). Access the Product Bulletin here.


  • Helps protect sensitive components from shock and vibration
  • Reduces unwanted noise
  • Ultra-thin (down to 4 mils / 0.1mm)
  • Absorbs up to 87% of impact energy
  • Same trusted ISODAMP material, now available in die cut shapes
  • Halogen-free per IEC 61249-2-21

Marian's variety of capabilities allow us to work with materials and manufacture customized die-cut solutions for your products. Working closely with you from material selection through the production process, our knowledgeable sales engineers will help you understand the best materials available and work closely with our supplier partners to recommend the best, most efficient, and cost effective solutions for your design.

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