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How Can Marian's Global Footprint Benefit You?

Posted by Lynn Zeheralis

May 10, 2019 9:15 AM

From Locations Across the World, Marian Delivers a Successful Solution to HumanWare 

It's difficult to prove the true value of working with a company that has a large global footprint. This application story demonstrates how Marian's global footprint paired with quick action by our material experts resulted in an effective solution for HumanWare, who was on a tight timeline. In just 7 days from initial contact, Marian was able to work through the design and material selection processes, rapidly manufacture prototypes, and deliver a preliminary order of die-cut parts.

Who is HumanWare?

Headquartered in Quebec, CA, HumanWare offers a wide range of innovative products for individuals who are blind or have low vision such as:HumanWare Device

  • BrailleNote Touch Plus – the most powerful and up-to-date braille note taker in the assistive technology industry.
  • Reveal family – the next generation of digital magnifiers.
  • VictorReader Trek – the talking book player & GPS.
  • Explore Products - The handheld electronic magnifiers

Key People

Mike - Marian, Inc. Sales Engineer - Indianapolis, IN
Carle - HumanWare Hardware Development Manager - Quebec, CA
Zoey - Marian Shenzhen Customer Service Representative - Shenzhen, China
Pat - Marian Shenzhen Team Leader - Shenzhen, China
Will - Marian Shenzhen Product Engineer - Shenzhen, China


MONDAY, MAY 8, 2017 - 1:05 Local Time

Carle visited Marian's website and downloaded our 4 Questions to Ask When Selecting a PSA eBook. Within the hour of first contact, Mike calls Carle to see if HumanWare needs help with a PSA application, and learns they are in need of a PSA to use on one of their new mobile electronic devices. Carle emphasizes time is of the essence.

Carle hopes to produce a preliminary, small amount of product (approximately 1,000 die-cut parts) in a very short time. He also tells Mike that assembly of the products will take place in China.

The content below illustrates the email exchange between Marian and HumanWare.




Within 7 days of first contact, Marian was able to find a solution to HumanWare's problem, collaborate to design and create pre-production prototypes, approve a final design, and deliver 1,000 finished component parts halfway around the world. Click the button below to contact us about your current project and see how we can help.Contact Us

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