Flexible Solutions

Complex EV Battery Components: Combining Intricate Laminations to Create Multifunctional Parts

Posted by Brook Girkin

Jul 31, 2023 4:01:59 PM

Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to experience a sharp growth trajectory, generating process advancements and additional application requirements and needs. Marian has developed improved solutions to meet the industry’s most critical necessities for battery longevity and passenger safety. Below we examine some of these requirements and the complex, die-cut EV components Marian manufactures to overcome common challenges related to the battery.

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5 Factors to Help Us Determine the Die Cutting Process for Your Parts

Posted by Lynn Zeheralis

Jun 2, 2023 8:43:04 AM

At Marian, we've developed and mastered numerous die cutting methods for manufacturing custom gaskets, seals, filters, vents, shields, thermal pads, etc. for our customers.

With a 25,000 square foot machine shop at our headquarters in Indianapolis and a full staff of machinists and electrical engineers at each of our locations around the globe, we are equipped to manufacture the highest-quality die-cut components using innovative, thin, flexible materials. Take a look at some of the die cutting processes we use to manufacture custom components and the application questions we ask our customers to help choose the best manufacturing process for their parts.

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What You Should Know About Rotary Die Cutting

Posted by Lynn Zeheralis

Dec 13, 2022 8:30:00 AM

The Basics of the Rotary Die Cutting Process

Rotary die cutting is a common process used to manufacture simple two-dimensional labels, but rotary die cutting is used for more than just labels. Marian uses rotary die cutting to manufacture complex custom 3D components with multiple layers of differing geometries used in some of your favorite everyday products.

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5 Things to Know About Wound Care Device Manufacturing

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Nov 2, 2022 11:26:49 AM

Many wound care device companies start with an innovative idea. Turning that idea into a mass-produced product can be extremely challenging. This concept is familiar to KitoTech Medical,a Seattle-based medical device company that develops wound care products. Kitotech was founded by Ronald Berenson, MD. Dr. Berenson is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years in biotech and medical device industry. Marian is proud to call KitoTech Medical a valued customer.

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Protect Against EMI with Die-Cut Foil Tapes

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jun 8, 2022 8:26:16 AM

There are many EMI shielding materials to choose from when determining how to effectively control EMI within an electronic device. In this post, we focus on die-cut foil tapes for EMI shielding. Foil tapes with conductive adhesive provide effective shielding properties as the thin foil layer ensures good electrical contact with the component surface. Let's take a look deeper at EMI and why foil tapes may be the best-suited material for your application. 

What is EMI and Why is it Important?

Electromagnetic interference is unwanted “noise” or interference in an electrical path or circuit caused by an outside source. EMI can be caused by natural or man-made sources and can cause electronics to malfunction or to completely stop working. Therefore, EMI shielding and grounding components are important pieces in the design of electronic devices. 

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Medical Device Packaging for Converted Products

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Mar 29, 2022 1:01:05 PM

When designing a medical device, the device is the focus. It must be safe and effective. It also must be packaged!

Packaging can sometimes be an afterthought, but it is very important. Packaging design can impact the medical product’s success in the following ways:

  • Product appearance and how it compares to competitive products
  • Proper handling and ease of handling by the end-user
  • Storage efficiency
  • Sterilization and product integrity

Final packaging concepts should be considered early in the design process and should be included in the proof of concept, prototypes, product testing, and sterilization phases.

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How to use our Roll Length and Roll Diameter Calculators

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Feb 3, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Marian is a converter of thin, flexible materials. Most often, these materials are supplied to us in a large roll format, sometimes called “master rolls” or “log rolls”. The materials are typically on a hard-fiber or plastic core.

 As you can see on our Materials webpage, Marian converts a wide range of material types in a myriad of different thicknesses. These include pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes, sponge and foam, rubber, plastic films of all sorts, filter fabrics, foils, and more.

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What are Double Coated Foam Tapes?

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Oct 27, 2021 8:53:20 AM

Double Coated Foam Tapes

Double coated foam tapes are a type of adhesive tape that is made of tacky adhesive coated on both sides of a foam core or carrier. DC foam tapes fill gaps and distribute stress uniformly over the bonded area. Depending on the specific tape, the result is a bond line that seals, cushions, and damps vibration, resists impact, withstands a wide temperature range, and provides good insulating qualities. Double-coated foam tapes are strong and durable.

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Topics: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Acrylic Foam Tape, Material selection, Die-Cutting, 3m tape, PSA

Common Materials for EMI Shielding Gaskets and Ground Paths

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jul 8, 2021 9:43:53 AM

The need for EMI gaskets is growing as more high-frequency digital electronics are introduced into our everyday lives. This includes technologies like 5G infrastructure, IOT (internet of things), and rapid advances in automobile technology and connectivity.

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Topics: EMI Shielding, gasket, grounding

4 High Performance Thermal Barrier Materials for EV Battery

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Apr 26, 2021 11:16:02 AM

Thermal Runaway Propagation Prevention with Thermal Barrier Materials

Hybrid and battery electric vehicles that use lithium-ion cells require that these cells are maintained at specific ambient temperatures. "Thermal runaway" occurs as a result of the rapid rise in temperature within one of the battery cells. One of the greatest challenges for battery design engineers is to manage heat. For this reason, batteries are designed with thermal management systems that provide different levels of protection, including cell-to-cell, module-to-module, and pack level.

Marian provides custom flexible die cut solutions that are incorporated into battery design at the cell, module and pack level to aid with thermal management. These die-cut parts are made with high temperature resistant materials (also known as flame barrier materials) that are designed to offer thermal insulation to delay the onset of thermal runaway.

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