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Marian’s EMI Shielding Solutions Aid in Containment and Control

Posted by Andrew Bonar

June 19, 2017 8:15 AM

Marian Inc. EMI Shielding Solutions

The struggle between the world and electromagnetic interference (EMI) is endless. EMI consistently attempts to sabotage our most critical technologies in the aerospace, mass transit, medical, and military industries.

EMI engages us through maneuvers such as: radio transmitters, electric motors, power lines, fluorescent lights and computer circuits. Through these maneuvers, EMI generates electromagnetic disturbances, signals and emissions that cause undesired responses or degradation of performance in electrical and electronic equipment. This occurrence leads to system malfunctions and failures, which can threaten the performance of life support devices, military radio frequencies and aircraft flight controls – to name a few examples. Malfunctioning or failure of these types of systems, triggered by EMI, can be problematic, dangerous and life-threatening.

Due to these risks, Marian works diligently to provide the right EMI shielding solutions to our customers. Our solutions are manufactured using materials with conductive properties. The various conductive properties of these materials help to contain and control the effects of EMI.

Marian can provide you with these EMI shielding solutions:

  • Conductive gaskets
  • Conductive sealsMarian Inc. EMI Shielding Solutions Foam GasketsMarian Inc. EMI Shielding Solutions
  • Conductive covers
  • Conductive washers
  • Conductive gap fillers
  • Conductive spacers
  • Conductive connectors
  • Conductive paths
  • Conductive cushions

Our EMI shielding solutions are converted by means of these materials:

  • Conductive tapes
  • Conductive adhesivesMarian Inc. EMI Shielding Materials TapeMarian Inc. EMI Shielding Materials Foils Films Fabric
  • Conductive foams
  • Conductive silicones
  • Conductive foils
  • Conductive films
  • Conductive mesh
  • Conductive fabrics
  • Conductive fabrics over foam
  • Other conductive elastomers

And our conductive materials are manufactured by industry leading suppliers such as:

3M EMI Shielding Materials  Rogers Corp EMI Shielding Materials       Polymer Science EMI Shielding Materials              

Parker-Chomerics EMI Shielding MaterialsSaint-Gobain EMI Shielding Materials

Using our engineering excellence, unique capabilities and advanced conductive materials, we are confident Marian is the go-to expert in EMI shielding solutions that provide aid in containing and controlling EMI.

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