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New 3M Automotive Acrylic Foam Tapes - PRIMERLESS Solutions - PX5000 & EX4500

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Feb 5, 2015 11:56:00 AM

Marian is offering TWO new 3M acrylic foam tape series:  EX4500 and PX5000

3M recently launched two high-performance acrylic foam tape lines for the automotive market that require no primer or surface pretreatment.  Marian, a 3M automotive preferred converter, is now offering these materials.  

Features & Benefits

  • Primerless adhesion capabilities
  • Excellent high temperature adhesion power to...
    • LSE and MSE plastics
    • Medium to difficult automotive clear coat systems
  • Cost savings in supplies, labor and time
  • Employees and the environment are not exposed to harsh chemicals often found in primers
  • Unique foam core provides stress relaxation when high application loads are encountered while maintaining tight bond-line aesthetics under normal conditions
  • High-performance adhesive on both sides of the tape offers process flexibility in die-cutting operations

Acrylic-Foam-Tape-4229P-300 AFT_0042_P pt1100_repair_cladding_P

Uses/ Applications:  

Attachment of exterior trim parts to the automobile:  body side moldings, cladding, emblems, nested components, bumper sensors, garnishes, window visors and chrome apppliques.  

Marian Inc is a 3M Automotive Preferred Converter.  We have extensive experience die-cutting 3M foam tapes for automotive applications.  We are very excited to offer primerless solutions with the potential to enhance your production process and offer cost savings.  

Please contact us for a sample or a quote of 3M EX4500 or PX5000.

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3M EX4500 data sheet

3M PX5000 data sheet

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