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3M™ FRB Series, UL 94 5VA Flame Rating

Posted by Katie Sullivan

November 11, 2014 9:00 AM

3M™ FRB contains unique properties and has the ability to enhance your applications.

The 3M™ Flame Barrier FRB Series is thin, flexible insulation made primarily of inorganic materials and is used in thermal management applications. FRB provides very high flammability and ignitability resistance, excellent arc and track resistance, good dielectric strength, and good thermal performance to safely contain electrical hazards. When compared to other material options, FRB saves cost and weight in end-use applications.

This thermal management material is easily converted: slit, die-cut, and/or laminated to fit the requirements of your specific design.


3M-Flame-Barrier-FRB-MaterialKey Material Characteristics

  • UL 94 5VA flame rating
  • Excellent ignitability resistance
  • Excellent arc and track resistance
  • Good dielectric strength
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Thermal index of 130°C
  • Very lightweight and ultra-thin, saving cost and weight in final application
  • Available in white and black for optimal optical and aesthetic results
  • Smooth surface for improved tape adhesion


  • General purpose lighting luminaires (including LEDs)
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles (between batteries, power converters, etc.)
  • Appliances (vacuum cleaners, slow cookers, etc.)
    • Electrical devices

How does FRB compare to competitive materials?

  • Mica-based materials: A limited number of mica-based materials meet UL95 5VA flame ratings. Such mica-based materials do not convert well. Mica shards easily break off during the cutting process
  • Glass plate: Bulky, heavier, and more expensive
  • Flame retardant plastic lens: Bulky, heavier, and more expensive

 DOWNLOAD - Material Spotlight: 3M FRB

3M FRB-1

Marian and 3M

Marian and 3M have a long partnership. Marian is proud to be a 3M Preferred Converter. This means that we have been selected by 3M as one of their top converter partners. This status is earned over time by establishing a strong relationship with 3M, demonstrating expertise in both 3M products and converting processes, and by successfully manufacturing solutions for customers using their innovative materials.


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