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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Acrylic Foam Tape

Posted by Katie Sullivan

March 24, 2015 2:41 PM


Die-cut foam tape can be an excellent choice for your bonding application. With help from our friends at 3M, here are the top 10 reasons to choose acrylic foam tape versus mechanical fasteners. 

1.  No rust or surface deterioration. Acrylic foam tape use eliminates the concern for rust development and surface deterioration because it requires no drilling.

2.  Preserved warranties. OEM warranties are often considered void when Class A surfaces are compromised by drilling. Acrylic foam tape provides field-proven adhesion for many applications without drilling. png-3M-VHB-Gallery

3.  No holes to patch. Sometimes people choose to remove accessories or parts from their product. By using acrylic foam tape, there is no need to fill holes and repaint surfaces if a part needs to be removed.  

4.  No part loosening and vibration. Mechanically attached assemblies can loosen and shift over time, sometimes creating vibration or a rattling sound. When properly applied, acrylic foam tape provides a reliable, permanent bond.  

5.  Less labor-intensive assembly. The use of acrylic foam tape can eliminate steps in the installation process, often requiring fewer parts and less labor.

6.  Unique stress relaxation properties. The stress relaxation properties of tape's foam core allow it to expand and contract with temperature changes. The stress forces of an application are not concentrated at the adhesive bond line, but rather dissipated throughout the foam core, providing excellent long-term performance.

7.  Viscoelasticity. Acrylic foam tape is viscoelastic, meaning it acts as both a liquid (viscous) and a solid (elastic) at the same time. In its viscous state (liquid), it flows into microscopic surface irregularities to establish a strong adhesive bond. The elastic properties (solid) provide the internal or cohesive strength necessary to maintain the bond. These viscoelastic properties also contribute to the stress relaxation characteristics of the acrylic foam tape (See #6). They allow it to conform to the surface irregularities and gaps, allowing for a better fit between the two bonded surfaces.

8.  Aesthetically pleasing result. Tape use eliminates unsightly bolt and screw heads. Surfaces remain clean and smooth. In this way, tape mounting allows greater design flexibility than mechanical fasteners, and can contribute to styling and aerodynamic design.  

9.  OEM-approved technology. For automotive manufacturers specifically, 3M Acrylic Foam Tapes are approved worldwide.

10.  Extensive tape testing and experience. 3M Acrylic Foam Tapes are continuously being tested, developed, and improved to ensure that they meet the changing needs of manufacturers world-wide.  


PreferredConverter211.  MARIAN INC. Although we originally said 10 Reasons, the 11th is a big one! Marian is one of the largest global converters of 3M Materials We are experts at die cutting acrylic foam tapes, providing our customers with custom adhesive components ready for assembly.  

Common Foam Tapes that Marian Die-cuts:

Selecting a bonding PSA for your application can be an overwhelming process. Experienced Marian representatives can help you navigate all of the PSA choices and possibilities, providing samples, data, technical support from manufacturers, prototypes, and assembly recommendations. Check out this 1-page guide and our acrylic foam tapes page, then call us! 

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