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Adhesive Peel Strength - Die Cut Tapes

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Aug 1, 2014 10:17:00 AM

When selecting a pressure sensitive adhesive for your die cut tape, there are many characteristics to consider. Tapes have varying degrees of peel strength and even different varieties of peel strength. Peel strength, tensile strength, and shear strength of a tape are each measured utilizing specific tests, as shown in the video demonstrations below.

When choosing a PSA for your application, you will want to consider the different types of adhesion strength and determine which are the most important to your application’s proper function.  

Peel Strength – The strength of an adhesive joining two sheets of material. In the video below, the strength is measured by the force required to peel the tape from the surface at 180 degrees. The strength of the tape is usually measured in ounces per one inch of tape (oz/in).

Tensile Strength – Tensile strength is the force required to break the tape. A one-inch piece of tape is pulled at both ends until it breaks, measuring the tape's strength perpendicular to the joint plane. Tensile strength is measured in pounds per one inch of tape. This strength is often important with thicker acrylic foam tapes, such as 3M VHB.   


Shear Strength – Shear strength is the strength of a tape relative to the forces that are parallel to the joint plane. Think of using an adhesive to hang a very heavy picture on the wall. In this case, a high level of shear strength would be important. Shear strength is expressed in units of time prior to the tape sliding from the steel panel. 


Test Values on Material Data Sheets

For each tape product, the material manufacturer will perform a wide range of peel strength tests. The test values and test methods will be listed on the material data sheet for that tape product. Click the link below to view a list of commonly converter tape materials:

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Choosing a PSA for your die cut tape application?

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