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Die-cut Solutions for Plastic Injection Molders

Posted by Andrew Bonar

Jun 5, 2017 1:49:02 PM

Plastic injection molding die-cut component

Benefits for Plastic Injection Molders: Vendor consolidation, value add Solutions

Why is it so imperative that plastic injection molding companies provide value added services and secondary manufacturing services to their customers after molding their parts? The answer is easy! Many end-customers of plastic injection molders are looking for vendor consolidation and supply chain simplification. They want to cut out and skip steps in their supply chain, sequentially helping to reduce costs and save time!

Most plastic injection molders must offer these services, not only to meet rising demand, but to merely win their customer's business. Offering these services furthermore appeals to the end-customer, because they also considerably lower their labor costs.

The demand for these services, value added and secondary manufacturing, is not going anywhere. This demand is growing at a record pace and will long continue to do so.

Plastic injection molding companies may be reluctant to provide these services, but they must face the facts mentioned above or suffer the inevitable consequences. If these services are not offered, plastic injection molders will inescapably lose customers, revenue and profits.

However, where darkness lurks, there is still a glimmer of light. If plastic injection molders choose to offer these services, they will reap the rewards!  Molders who offer a higher value part, one that has these services included in it, are awarded the ability to attract and obtain more customers, gain loyalty from those customers and increase repeat purchases, which will all lead to increases in revenues and profits!

So, let’s introduce what Marian can do for you, the plastic injection molder. In terms of value added services and secondary manufacturing services, Marian can supply you with die-cut solutions that are needed as a component within your services.

All of our die-cut solutions can assist you in these value added and secondary manufacturing services:

  • Finishing
  • Secondary finishing
  • Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Value added assemblies
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Hand assemblies

The types of die-cut solutions Marian can supply you with for these services include:

Our solutions are manufactured with materials supplied by industry leading suppliers such as:  die-cut bonding, adhesive, tape      die-cut bonding, adhesive, tape           die-cut bonding foam, foam tape

Now, here is the most important question you need to ask yourself. Who is going to be your die-cutting and converting specialist? This should be and is another easy answer. Marian! We have the R&D, engineering, tools, capabilities and materials necessary to fulfill any desire or need you have as a plastic injection molder. We are your go-to experts when you need to be supplied with die-cut components for value added services and secondary manufacturing services, which are vital to your customers!

Here is a note to leave you all with, adopt us, Marian, as your go-to, die-cut solutions expert! The benefits are endless!

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