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Breaking the Barriers of NVH

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Sep 6, 2016 3:55:44 PM


Imagine going 65 mph in your vehicle while on a road trip. The road you are driving on is old, so your vehicle bobs up and down the many dips and divots; your speakers are loud and are causing your rearview mirror to vibrate, making it hard to see; and your moon roof has a roaring noise sneaking through the cracks. These foul disturbances are examples of NVH, also known as Noise Vibration Harshness.

NVH can be caused by the car’s mechanical and electrical system, contact with road surfaces, and the passage of air. Squeaking, rattling, and vibrations are common effects that are noticed by passengers. NVH can engage throughout the engine, transmission, seats, arm rests, floor, pedals, and in the steering wheel.

The good news is that these unwanted noises and vibrations can be reduced or even eliminated! All that needs to be done is to manage the energy that causes the noise and vibration. This can be done by using materials such as PORON® Urethane and BISCO® Silicone to help with shock and vibration control. These two materials offer vibration dampening, impact resistance, unit stability, and isolation. They both have a cushioning function that absorbs the vibrations and extends the longevity of the working unit.

Marian die cuts foams and silicone elastomers of different thicknesses that are specific for your unique application. These die cut materials can also be laminated to create a more dynamic part. For example, insulating and heat resistance films can enhance additional properties. Our sales engineers will offer you expert-level material recommendations and will work with you to create a solution for any NVH complications your project is facing. 
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