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How to Mask with Die-Cuts vs. Strips: Video Demonstration

Posted by Katie Sullivan

July 26, 2019 3:49 PM

Paint masking can be a tedious process. When masking an area with precision and over-masking is unacceptable, custom die-cut masks prove to be the best solution. Die-cut masks are pre-cut pieces of masking tape that are made to the exact size and shape of the surface area in need of masking. This video shows a direct comparison of the masking process with strips/knife versus masking with a die-cut part with a split liner. You'll see this demonstration proves that masking with a custom die-cut is easier, faster, more accurate, and safer. 


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Success Story: Die Cut Paint Masking Solution for Plastic Molded Spoiler

Download this solution case study to read about a company that implemented die-cut masking components into its process. Results achieved:

  • 3x faster application.
  • A safer process that eliminated the need for blades and knives.
  • Easier process to teach new employees.
  • Maximized productivity.
  • 75% less rework required.

These are all very impactful results! Read the full case study here. 


Marian Brochure: Masking Made Easy


Marian will work closely with your engineers and production team to help design an effective solution for your process. We will also ask questions to help guide you to the best top-of-the-line masking tape materials. As a converter on 3M's shortlist of preferred converters, we've developed strong relationships to make the highest performing 3M industrial masking materials available to you. Notable materials include 3M 301+ (yellow), 3M 401+ (green), and 501+ (purple).

Prototyping and Samples

Our manufacturing capabilities allow for quick prototyping using laser, plotter, or waterjet cutting. This will allow you to trail a die-cut masking component in your masking process. See the difference for yourself!

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