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Electromagnetic Compatibility in Medical Device Design

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Oct 5, 2016 11:24:42 AM

As medical device designs trend toward including cutting-edge electronics technology and wireless capabilities, EMC is a growing factor in device design.  

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) means that a device is compatible with (i.e., no interference is caused by) its electromagnetic environment and does not emit levels of electromagnetic energy that causes electromagnetic interference in other devices in the vicinity. 

EMI (electromagnetic interference) can affect electronic equipment when an electromagnetic-field-98837_640.pngemitting device is powerful enough and close enough to cause partial or complete failure of the equipment or its sub systems. Failure of critical electronic medical equipment can be life threatening and should be prevented when possible.  

Device regulations from governing bodies all over the world continue to modify standards to which medical devices should be tested.  Results must prove the device's Electromagnetic Compatibility.  (Read more here)   

Medical device designs include EMI shielding and absorbing components to meet the requirements for EMC.  Die-cut solutions for EMC include EMI gaskets & seals, pads and multi-layer adhesive parts.  Common materials used in these EMI Shielding/Absorbing components are conductive tapes, adhesives, foils, foams, fabrics and mesh made with conductive materials:  silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, graphite and conductive silicone elastomers.    3758_Polysci_prod_3.9.12_2134.jpg

Marian manufactures EMI shielding and absorbing components, sourcing materials from leading material suppliers:  3M, Polymer Science, Parker Chomerics, Rogers Corporation, Saint Gobain Performance Plastic Division .  

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