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Ingress Protection Rating Explained

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Apr 13, 2015 10:53:56 AM

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating is a common international test method (IEC 60529) to rate enclosure protection from objects and liquids.  

Why is an IP Rating important?  UL, CSA and CE Mark Standards often require certified products to hold a specific IP rating.  Some examples of such products include IT equipment, laboratory equipment, electronic measurement equipment, plus anything claiming to be "dust tight", "water resistant", etc.

The IP Rating has two numbers:  IPXX

1.  The first number indicates protection from solid objects or materials

2.  The second number indicates protection from liquids



Marian produces many custom gaskets and seals for products and enclosures that are required to meet a specific IP Rating.  

We source thousands of materials that meet IP ratings including foams, foam tapes, pressure sensitive adhesives and venting materials.  Our material experts have experience choosing appropriate materials to meet IP rating standards.  

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