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Masking with Die-Cuts vs. Strips: Video Demonstration

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jul 26, 2019 3:49:22 PM

When masking an area with precision and over-masking is unacceptable, custom die-cut masks prove to be the best solution. This video shows a direct comparison of the masking process with strips/knife versus masking with a die-cut part with a split liner. You'll see this demonstration proves that masking with a custom die-cut is easier, faster, more accurate, and safer. 


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Success Story: Die Cut Paint Masking Solution for Plastic Molded Spoiler

Download this solution case study to read about a company who implemented a die-cut masking components into their process. Results achieved: 3x faster application, a safer process that was easier to train, maximized productivity and required 75% less rework. Read more… 

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