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Rogers PORON® V-0 Foam

Posted by Katie Sullivan

August 11, 2014 3:23 PM

Rogers PORON® Microcelluar Urethanes are tried and true materials for gaskets and seals. With excellent compression set resistance, this line of foam materials is easy to convert. They die-cuts cleanly and securely adhere to a broad range of pressure-sensitive adhesives. 

UL-94 V-0 Flammability Rating

Product designs of the future are required to meet increasingly rigorous specifications with safety in mind. One of these requirements is often a UL-94 V-0 flammability rating. UL 94 is a plastics flammability standard released by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) The standard classifies plastics according to how they burn in various orientations and material thicknesses. The UL V-0 classification means that burning stops within 10 seconds on a verticle part allowing for drops of plastic that are not inflames.   

Why is this important? More and more products across every industry include high-performing electronics. These electronic components generate heat.  It is important that materials that are designed into these products meet specific material standards, such as UL94 V-0. In particular, the HEV market requires advanced sealing performance while meeting very rigorous specifications for passenger safety. Visit our webpage that describes the solutions we provide for Electronic Vehichles. 

Rogers has recently released PORON® 4701-V0-M, which is specifically formulated to meet all requirements under UL94 for both V-0 and HBF flammability ratings.


Rogers Poron® V-0 Material Details

  • It is available in two standard thicknesses: 5.0mm and 6.0mm
  • It is manufactured at 54” width
  • It exhibits excellent compression set resistance to guarantee long-term performance
  • Reliable and durable performance in demanding enviroments
  • It die-cuts cleanly for easy processing
  • Link to the material datasheet



Video Demonstration

Lastly, we recommend you watch this video demonstration comparing standard PORON® vs. PORON® V-0.  (Don't try this at home, folks!)



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