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Sealed Devices: Venting Solutions for IP Rated Enclosures

Posted by Katie Sullivan

December 11, 2019 10:00 AM

IP Rated Enclosures: Venting Solutions

Sensors, controllers, and other electronic elements are being integrated into devices across virtually every industry. Many of these products are made for use in conditions where they may be exposed to extreme temperatures, rain, wind, dust, and moisture. (See application story about "smart" shipping pallets linked at the bottom of this post.) Designing such products requires that the container or enclosure holding the electronic components be completely sealed. Exposure to harsh elements could cause a product failure. 

IP (ingress protection) Ratings and NEMA Ratings were developed to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt, etc) and moisture. These scales are defined by an international standard (EN60529). To read more about IP Rating and NEMA Rating and to view the charts, click the button below. 

Download IP + NEMA Rating Charts



Venting Sealed IP Rated Enclosures

Improper venting of a sealed IP Rated enclosure can cause moisture condensation, enclosure warping, or leaking -- which can all cause product failure. Vents help achieve proper airflow and continuously equalize pressure within the enclosure, while still providing a barrier against water, dust and debris. Watch the video below, created by our venting membrane material supplier, Porex, for an excellent demonstration of this utilizing die-cut vents:       



Marian manufactures PTFE membrane vents with zone-laminated PSA that are used in sealed devices. The story linked below demonstrates the successful design and application of a die-cut venting disc into this innovative shipping product.  




Success Story: Venting Solution for "Smart" Shipping Pallet

Read this Success Story where Marian recommended and supplied a PTFE Venting Membrane disc for use in a "smart" shipping pallet. The venting membrane disc allows air to enter the sealed compartment where the "brains" of the smart pallet are contained, while also protecting the sensitive components from harmful water, moisture and dust. 

Read Success Story


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As stated above, Marian has extensive experience manufacturing PTFE membrane vents with zone-laminated PSA. Our advanced capabilities allow us to manufacture extremely small vents and filters, down to 2 or 3mm in size.  Contact us for a material sample, a quote or a rapid prototype.

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