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Solutions for Medical Device Assemblies

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Oct 21, 2016 10:40:18 AM

Die-cut Components for Medical Devices

We believe that true stories can tell you more than any fluffy Marketing Materials that we create.  That is why we are sharing two new Case Studies in this blog post.  Both Case Studies explore die-cut solutions that case-study-icon-1.pngMarian provided to Medical Device Companies.  In this Industry, component quality and reliability is critical.  Additionally, assembly efficiency and cost savings are important to the success of the business.  In these case studies, you will see that Marian is well equipped and prepared to meet the stringent requirements demanded by products in the Medical Device Industry.  Enjoy!  

Precision Slit Foams for Medical Device Test Tray

Marian laminates and slits Sekisui Voltek Volara® and Rogers Corp PORON® Foam for use in a medical device test tray assembly.  Marian’s product meets tight width and edge quality requirements.  Read full case study here.

Filter for Air Intake Fan on a Respiratory Device

Marian combines multiple die-cut components into one layered filter, resulting in ease of application and significant time savings for the customer.  Read full story here.

You can also read more of our case studies at The Solution Center on our website.  


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