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tesa® Bond & Detach - Stretchable Adhesive

Posted by Katie Sullivan

December 17, 2014 11:48 AM

Tape for Permanent Mounting AND/OR Temporary Fixation. Is that possible!? 

How can an adhesive tape have an extremely high bonding strength while also being easily removable?  Seems improbable, right?  Let us introduce you to the tesa® Bond & Detach series of stretch release tapes.  

This unique patented adhesive system has very high long-lasting bond strength, even on LSE substrates. When the adhesive is stretched it is easily removed without residue, even after a long bonding time. Additionally, the entire product line offers very good impact resistance. This provides the option for reworkability during the entire life of a product, which results in less material waste and cost savings.



tesa® Bond & Detach - FEATURES AND BENEFITS

  • Removable adhesive (after long bonding time) with unique properties
  • Easily removed by stretching the adhesive
  • Very high bonding strength
  • Superior push-out and shock resistance
  • Available in white, translucent white, black, and transparent
  • Thicknesses range from 2.9 - 25.6 mils


  • Temporary fastening of components (for example, battery mounting)
  • Permanent mounting of components with the option to remove parts for repairing or recycling
  • Production aid (e.g. if assembly requires removable fixing solution)
  • Fixing of decoration (e.g. promotion or thievery protection)

Video Demonstration: tesa® Bond and Detach


Tesa® Platinum Distributor Partner


Marian is proud to be a tesa® Platinum Converter Partner. Marian has 60+ years successfully converting adhesives. We think tesa® Bond & Detach can be very useful in a variety of applications. We have the capabilities to die-cut the Bond and Detach material and create components with pull-tabs for ease of removal.   

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