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Tolerance Challenges When Die Cutting Materials

Posted by Katie Sullivan

January 17, 2019 9:20 AM

Technological advances in properties of soft, flexible foam and elastomeric materials have continued to advance. These thick, soft, flexible foams and elastomers are ideal materials for sealing, gasketing and cushioning across many industries and applications. They compress, form to irregular surfaces, bend, and flex within an application without damage or de-lamination, but from the perspective of the die cutter, may also introduce challenges when trying to achieve the tight dimensional tolerances common in metal and plastic-molded parts.

Thick, soft foam die-cut parts

Maintaining Tight Tolerances when Die Cutting

Die cutting a thick, soft and complex material (like laminated substrates) can raise issues due to material compression and deflection. (Read more about our different die cutting processes here) The challenges can be more dramatic as the thickness and softness of the materials increase. Because of these issues, assigning dimensional tolerances to parts made with such materials can be difficult.

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Marian Combats Tolerance Challenges

As a leading converter, Marian takes pride in holding tight dimensional tolerances on a wide variety of materials. Marian has over 60 years of experience in die cutting soft, thick materials. Our engineers and quality personnel fully understand and can anticipate challenges that may arise during the die cutting process. With in-house machine building capabilities, Marian has developed die cutting techniques and tool designs to help minimize or alleviate issues with holding dimensional tolerances.

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