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What You Need to Know about the TR Series

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jun 22, 2016 11:01:30 AM

Nitto’s TR series is a must have for thermal and electronic applications. The TR series features a selection of double coated tapes including TR-5912F and TR-5925F. These tapes acquire powerful adhesion which accounts for its strength and reliability. Nitto recommends replacing the use of a screw in an LED or other thermal applications with these thermally conductive adhesives for the best performance. Using the tape method offers superior thermal conductivity performance, and can extend the life of your LED, compared to using the screw method.

Another striking feature about this unique series of tapes (excluding TR-5310) is that they feature UL-94 V-0 (halogen free) flame retardant properties. As you can see in the video below, other double coated tapes can catch fire, whereas the thermally conductive tapes cannot.



The TR series is an appropriate choice for your thermal or electronic applications. These tapes are great for resolving issues with electronic parts and LED components such as LED base boards, heat sinks, LED housing units, and more.

Contact us with any requests regarding the TR series including TR-5912F and TR-5925F. A Marian sales engineer will work with you to choose a thermally conductive tape from the TR series, along with the best size, shape, and thickness for your unique application. Marian uses unique capabilities to die cut thermally conductive adhesives to fit your complex applications.


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