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XLPE or Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Oct 2, 2014 10:00:00 AM

XLPE Foam or Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam is the next material we will explore in our blog series, Foams or Low Clamping Force Seals.  XLPE Foam is a closed-cell material formed of polymers or molecules bonded together (cross-linked).  The strength of these molecule bonds is reflected in the strength of the material.  XLPE foam can stretch, bear loads and return to its shape.  It works well in insulation, gap filling and gasketing applications. 

Features and Benefits of XLPE or Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam

  • Closed-cell, inert, stable, and lightweight
  • Low outgassing if punctured and compressed
  • Decent barrier qualities:  thermal insulation and water permeation
  • Does not promote the growth of bacteria or fungus
  • Exposure of XPLE to alk water will have little effect on its properties
  • Cost-effective solution to many cushioning and sealing needs
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