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3M Die Cut Tapes

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Feb 13, 2020 9:00:00 AM


3M Die Cut Tapes

Marian die cuts millions of components containing 3M tapes. 3M die cut tapes are used in countless applications across many industries. 3M offers one of the most innovative portfolios of tape products in the world including double-sided tapes, single-sided tapes, adhesive transfer tapes, 3M™ VHB™ tapes, and double-sided foam tapes. While 3M tapes can be applied utilizing rolls of material, there are many scenarios where a die cut component can greatly improve placement efficiency and accuracy. 

Die Cutting

First, let's look at the process of die cutting. Die cutting is when a blade or a die passes through a thin flexible web of material to cut it to a specific shape. Die cutting techniques include rotary, flatbed, match-metal, and punch press. The die cutting technique chosen depends on the thickness and construction of the materials used, the production volume, and the size and shape of the component. 

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Die Cutting + 3M Tape

If your project using 3M tape has any of the following requirements, a die cut component might make sense.
  • a specific shape and/or pattern of material
  • exact dimensions and design elements are required and must be consistent on every part
  • many layers of materials (achieved with precision lamination)
  • large quantities, high throughput
  • tight dimensional tolerances
  • final parts will be placed with automated assembly
  • efficient handling and accurate placement into the final assembly (achieved with pull tabs and extended liners)
Let's take a look at an example:
Die Cut 3M™ VHB™ Lens Gasket for Linear LED Light Array in an Outdoor Luminaire
In this story, an outdoor LED light design required secure bonding of a linear LED array to a poly-carbonate optic . 3M VHB White Foam Tape was die cut by Marian to precisely fit the intricate design of the arrays. The tape was chosen because it is lightweight, offers strong long-term bonding, and meets the important  UL rating requirements of the LED light design. Marian supplied the final die cut 3M VHB parts kiss-cut to a roll, easy for the assembly operator to pick and place into the final product. Due to the intricate design, rolls of tape would have been impossible to apply cleanly.

3M-Pref-Converter-Logo-with no backgroundMarian, A 3M Preferred Converter

Marian maintains a very strong partnership with 3M. Marian is one of the top preferred converters of 3M materials. Our reps collaborate closely with our dedicated 3M experts in order to provide the most ideal material in the most ideal configuration for an application. By working with Marian, benefits include
  • Direct access to 3M support and material specialists
  • Preferred pricing on innovative materials
  • Rapid lead times for many 3M materials we regularly stock

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