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5 Things to know about the New Low VOC Attachment Tapes from 3M™

Posted by Katie Sullivan

May 2, 2016 2:53 PM

3M™ has released a series of new attachment tapes for the automotive market with a goal to strengthen their offering in low VOC thin attachment tapes where increasing regulation and OEM/Tier suppliers are driving a larger need. VOC refers to the amount of volatile organic compounds. VOCs are inherently present in newly produced components for auto interiors, which are made of materials like rubber, plastic, foam, and leather. They contain additives that are especially volatile when vehicles are new.  Automobile manufacturers have become increasingly focused on the air quality of the interior, making a push toward lower VOC emissions, which makes low VOC tapes appealing. 

Here are 10 things you should know about 3M Low VOC Tapes:

1.  3M Low VOC Tapes meet the standards of JAMA (Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association) which establishes values for 9 substances with defined limits for VIAQ (vehicle indoor air quality).     

2.  3M Low VOC Tapes also meet the standards and target values of The German Association of the Automotive Industry's VDA 278 test method.

3.  3M Low VOC Scrim Reinforced Transfer Tape 98010LVC is 3.9 mil thick with up to 135ºC short-term heat resistance.

4.  3M Low VOC Double Coated Tissue Tape 99015LVC is 5.9 mil thick with up to 200ºC short-term heat resistance.  

5.  Key Automotive Applications for these products include:  Die-cut parts for door pillar, door trim/bolster, headliner attachment, instrument panel, ventilation ducts, floor/carpet attachment, storage compartment, and other part attachment


3M Low VOC Tapes Brochure


Marian offers die-cut solutions with these 3M low VOC tapes and transfer adhesives for your automotive applications. Marian is one of the largest 3M™ preferred converters in the world. Contact Marian for your automotive die-cutting needs.   

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