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Compression Force Deflection Demonstration of PORON and BISCO Foams

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jul 7, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Marian has a brand new demonstration piece to share with the world! Strategically named "Test My Memory," the demo illustrates the impact of compression cycling over time with 4 different foams. Neoprene, Polyethelyne, PORON Urethane, and BISCO Silicone are tested by being compressed for 48 hours.

Foam Material Compression

In the demonstration, you will see that certain foams depreciate as they take on impact over time, whereas other foams resist the compression set by returning to their original thickness. The material characteristic of being able to take a compression set, also called compression force defection, is extremely important in long-term sealing applications. The ability of the material to "push back" to fill in any potential gaps that would allow water or dust to pass through is critical. This makes such materials an excellent option for sealing gaskets. We wrote an entire blog post about compression force defection, you can read it here: Compression Force Deflection in Foam Gaskets: A Critical Property

Test My Memory Video Demonstration

Watch this Youtube video demonstrating how "Test My Memory" works. Go directly to marker 2:30 to see the results.


Selecting Foam Materials for Gasket and Sealing Applications 

As you can see in the video, we know a lot about foam! Our material experts have a lot of experience recommending foam materials for gasket and sealing applications. When selecting a material, they will consider the following factors: 

  • Intended function
  • Product life
  • Temperature
  • UV exposure
  • Exposure to moisture and debris
  • Cost

With innovative manufacturing processes, we manufacture custom gaskets cut to our customer's specific dimensions. We can also laminate adhesive for bonding. Our teams can also help with engineering and design for manufacturing decisions to ensure you have a quality product that fits seamlessly into your manufacturing process. Check out the ebook below for tips on selecting a material for static sealing gaskets. 


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