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Emblem Attachment Solutions: The Perfect Bond

Posted by Andrew Bonar

May 30, 2017 10:35:39 AM

Emblem Adhesive Tape Solutions

Imagine all the torture and stress an emblem endures in its lifetime. Emblems have to absorb the shock of a car driving over a pothole, the blow of a boat sailing over a wave, the turbulence of a plane flying through a jet stream, and even the vibrations of a running washing machine. 

Not only must emblems survive those tensions, but also harsh weather conditions. It is no easy task for an emblem to hold its bond or evade cracks during hot summers, cold winters and severe weather storms.

After all the stress an emblem endures, you would expect it to fall off quickly, which it will, unless you use industry leading emblem attachment materials to create a strong bond. Using the best emblem attachment materials ensures an emblem will maintain its longevity and hold a strong bond.

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Antimicrobial Sealing Gasket - A New Application Story

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Mar 29, 2017 2:05:18 PM

In this newly released application story, a global designer and manufacturer of critical intercommunication devices experienced a gasket failure allowing moisture to leak and compromise the internal components of their console.  

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Your Solution Experts on Vibration Control

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Mar 15, 2017 11:37:25 AM

Just about everything that has been engineered is likely to experience vibration. Unfortunately, it has been proven that vibration can be responsible for causing extreme damage to some applications. The source of vibration can come from impact, internal motors or external sources. Vibration happens all around us whether we know it or not. Sometimes it’s evident when you hear buzzing, squeaking, or rattling noises such as when you run your noisy washing machine or dish washer. Other times you may notice the sensation of vibration when you are driving a car over a bumpy road or when you see the cables on a bridge shaking back and forth on a windy day. Most of us experience the harsh impact of an object when we drop our cell phones on the solid ground.

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Thermal Resistivity and Thermal Conductivity in Silicone Foam and Sponge

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jan 27, 2017 10:13:34 AM

Thermal resistivity and thermal conductivity can be two very important physical features of foam materials to certain applications. Most devices containing electronics must be designed to deal with heat in one way or another. Electronic circuitry operates most reliably at lower temperatures. High operating temperatures decrease the service life of the device or module.  It is critical for designs to either conduct or isolate heat.

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3 Questions Answered about Compression Set Resistance in Foams

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jan 18, 2017 4:34:09 PM

When choosing a foam for a product design, one feature that should be considered is the compression set resistance of the foam.  C-Set is one of the most important characteristics to consider, and this blog post answers three basic questions to explain why. 

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Solutions for Medical Device Assemblies

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Oct 21, 2016 10:40:18 AM

Die-cut Components for Medical Devices

We believe that true stories can tell you more than any fluffy Marketing Materials that we create.  That is why we are sharing two new Case Studies in this blog post.  Both Case Studies explore die-cut solutions that Marian provided to Medical Device Companies.  In this Industry, component quality and reliability is critical.  Additionally, assembly efficiency and cost savings are important to the success of the business.  In these case studies, you will see that Marian is well equipped and prepared to meet the stringent requirements demanded by products in the Medical Device Industry.  Enjoy!  

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Breaking the Barriers of NVH

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Sep 6, 2016 3:55:44 PM

Imagine going 65 mph in your vehicle while on a road trip. The road you are driving on is old, so your vehicle bobs up and down the many dips and divots; your speakers are loud and are causing your rear view mirror to vibrate, making it hard to see; and your moon roof has a roaring noise sneaking through the cracks. These foul disturbances are examples of NVH, also known as Noise Vibration Harshness.

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Bonding in Gasket and Sealing Applications

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jul 18, 2016 10:36:12 AM

Marian sales engineers are experts in designing high quality parts for any small, complex applications. Below, you will find two of our newest success stories that highlight laminated foams in two very different markets (LED and automotive). In both stories, you will find that Marian's team of experts worked closely with customers to design a unique part, and provided exceptional material reccommendations to create a winning solution. Sales engineers must be strategic in choosing materials to ensure that they meet all requirements of the design.

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Compression Force Deflection Demonstration of PORON and BISCO Foams

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Jul 7, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Marian has a brand new demonstration piece to share with the world! Strategically named "Test My Memory," the demo illustrates the impact of compression cycling over time with 4 different foams. "Test My Memory" demonstrates that certain foams depreciate as it takes on impact over time, whereas other foams such as PORON® Urethane and BISCO® Silicone resist the compression set, ensuring an excellent seal. Foams that resist a compression set make for a good seal in a gasket because the material rebounds to fill any potential gaps that could allow for water or other outside particles to pass through.

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Compression Force Deflection in Foam Gaskets: A Critical Property

Posted by Katie Sullivan

Feb 2, 2016 9:56:28 AM

Compression Force Deflection

Applications that experience periodic compression cycling over time may require a gasket that is capable of compression rebound. In the event that your application uses a material that does not resist compression force, the material may depreciate over time. When your gasket has dwindled or has deteriorated from all of the periodic compression cycling, your gasket will become ineffective and will need to be replaced. In a perfect world, your gasket should rebound to fill any potential gaps. Using a material with great compression resistance will guarantee a long-term sealing performance that will work just as effectively each time you reseal your application.

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